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AASL_SLM2016_bannerWelcome to the Carl J. Lamb Elementary School Library blog!  Our K-6 school is part of the Sanford School District, located in southern Maine.  The posts below highlight the learning that is happening in our library.  Please feel free to tell us what you think by leaving a comment.  Happy reading!

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Breakout Book Hunt #25

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Wall of Fame grows!

File_000 (1)The Library Wall of Fame has grown to include a total of 16 classes.  The following classes earned a spot on the Wall this week:  Mrs. Dupere, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Sylvestre’s kindergartners;  Mrs. Abell’s first graders; Mrs. Gillis’ second graders; Mrs. Paradis and Mrs. Gallagher’s fourth graders; Mrs. Bradbury and Ms. Oakes’ fifth graders; and Miss Spinney and Mrs. Brown’s sixth graders. Congratulations, students!

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More Big6 Breakouts

File_000 (26)This week Mrs. Paradis’ fourth graders finally got their turn to breakout of the library!  Mrs. Paradis divided her students into teams and each team tackled one of the six information puzzles to unlock a lock.  Once one team finished, they assisted others.  The strategy worked because, not only did they unlock all six locks, but they finished with time left over (6 minutes and 40 seconds)!  Mrs. Paradis was thrilled and very proud of her students.

All three third grade classes experienced their first breakout this week.  The students had five information puzzles to solve.  For one puzzle, they Sanford and Springvale Maine in the Days of Fred Philpothad to look up the call number and find four library books.  Inside the front cover of each was a post-it note with a letter on it.  When the students sequenced the books, the letters spelled a word that served as the code for one of the locks.  Other puzzles required the students to use an encyclopedia, the index of an atlas, and the collection of local history photographs found in Harland Eastman’s Sanford and Springvale, Maine, in the Days of Fred Philpot. There was even a puzzle which required the students to alphabetize the names of our kindergarten teachers!  Mrs. Labbe’s class went first and they unlocked all five locks with over 4 minutes to spare. Mrs. Allaire’s class was next.  The students worked together and unlocked the locks with 21 minutes to spare.  Mrs. Parnham’s class was the last to experience the breakout, but it was the fastest! The students had 22 minutes left on the clock when they opened the box!  All the students seemed to enjoy working together toward a common goal and they practiced skills in the process!

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Last kindergarten classes

Little Red HenOn Monday, Mrs. Temple met with the kindergarten classes.  She shared two versions of the folktale The Little Red Hen and had each group compare and contrast the two versions.

On Tuesday, Mrs. Dillane’s kindergartners participated in a third dinosaur storytime.  The children listened to two information File_000books,  Apatosaurus by Carol K. Lindeen and Allosaurus by Helen Frost, and one story, Dino Pets by Maine author Lynn Plourde.  They got to see a replica of an Allosaurus footprint before acting out the rhyme “Dinosaur Dance” and singing dinopets“Dino Ditty.” Then they colored pictures of dinosaurs and used them to act out the rhyme “Five Little Dinosaurs Jumping on the Bed” in small groups.  Phew!  What a busy lesson!

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Library Wall of Fame

At the end of every school year, the students are challenged to return all their borrowed library books.  When everyone in a class meets that challenge, the class is featured on the Library Wall of Fame.  So far, five classes are proudly listed on the Wall of Fame.  They are Mrs. McCall’s class, Mrs. Cote’s first graders, Mrs. Carlisle’s kindergartners, Mrs. Sturtevant’s second graders, and Mrs. Meehan’s fifth graders.  Which class will be next?

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