March 28, 2010


Welcome to the Carl J. Lamb Elementary School Library blog!  Our K-6 school is part of the Sanford School District, located in southern Maine.  The posts below highlight the learning that is happening in our library.  Please feel free to tell us what you think by leaving a comment.  Happy reading!

Egg-stra special contest

April 18, 2014

photo (6)This week’s contest was a quiz about egg-laying animals.  Students were asked to list five different animals that hatch from eggs.  Every paper with five correct answers was entered in a drawing for an Easter stuffed animal.  The lucky winner, second grader Dayla, named these five animals: bluejay, shark, frog, turkey, and eagle.

Tricky business

April 18, 2014

Anansi's Party TimeMrs. Margoles’s class has been enjoying tales about a trickster named Anansi.  This week they listened to one more tale about that infamous spider, Anansi’s Party Time by Eric A. Kimmel.  That story was followed by a modern trickster tale, That is NOT a Good Idea! by Mo Willems.  In That is NOT a good ideathe latter, a goose meets fox.  One naturally thinks the fox gets the better of the goose, but not in this funny story!

Community service

April 18, 2014

photo (3)The library is open before school each day.  Students who choose the take advantage of the option can read, check out books, use a computer, or draw.  Before a holiday, there is often a card-making activity added to the list of choices.  This week students decorated paper eggs and glued them onto colored cardstock to make Easter cards for the residents of The Lodges, an assisted living facility in Springvale.  The cards are amazing!  They are sure to brighten the day of many folks at The Lodges.

Recycling superheroes

April 18, 2014

10-things-i-can-do-to-help-save-my-world2The kindergartners completed a unit about recycling this week.  The featured story was Ten Things I Can Do to Help My World by Melanie Walsh.  It was followed by a PowerPoint presentation about trash and how to recycle.  The children practice sorting a pile of “trash” into a recycling bin or a trash can.  In the end, very few things actually had to be put in the trash can.  Recycling really helps to reduce the amount of trash that ends up in a CJL recyclinglandfill!  After the lesson, the students added capes made out of plastic shopping bags to their Earth people.  All the Earth people superheroes were sent home with the kindergartners to help them teach others about recycling.

Big6 news

April 17, 2014

Screenshot 2014-04-04 18.39.35Six more classes visited the library for a Big6 lesson this week.  Mrs. Parnham’s third graders, Mrs. Gallagher’s fourth graders, and Mrs. Brown’s sixth graders all participated in a Jeopardy-like quiz game to review the first five stages of the Big6.

When Mrs. Bemis’ first graders visited, they explored the season of spring through the PebbleGo Earth and Space database.  Then they used the iPad app Haiku Deck to write a group poem about spring. 

Mrs. Sturtevant and Miss Mallon’s second graders also composed illustrated poems in Haiku Deck, but on different topics.  Mrs. Sturtevant’s class is currently learning about life cycles in science so they investigated ladybugs via PebbleGo’s Animals database.  Miss Mallon’s class is learning about plants so their lesson started with a review of plants and their parts.  Be sure to check out their lovely illustrated informational poems!